Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit.


The Applied Freshwater Ecology Research unit is comprised of researchers and staff from the British Columbia Ministry of Environment (Conservation Science Section) and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia. Our work centers on freshwater systems in British Columbia and involves:

  • Conservation threats (e.g. dams, fisheries, flow regulation)

  • Species and Ecosystem Conservation

  • Reservoir Restoration and Limnology

  • Fisheries Marketing

  • Fisheries Aquaculture Strain Development and Evaluation

Our work directly supports decision makers at the provincial level to promote recreational fisheries and inform species and ecosystem recovery and protection. As our interests are quite broad, our work is necessarily interdisciplinary and collaborative. We work closely with researchers from across Canada and beyond.

As a member unit of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF), we have the opportunity to draw on a rich wealth of skills and knowledge for our work. We regularly partner with faculty and students from the IOF and across UBC to conduct applied research projects based on applied freshwater issues in the province. We also regularly offer hands-on research and monitoring opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to enhance their learning experience. This close collaboration helps enrich the learning experience and provides opportunities for students to meet and interact with managers and researchers from across the province.

Unit Updates

  • Jen Sarchuk wins Large Lakes grant to study Alouette Lake bull trout

  • Dr. Steve McAdam to begin white sturgeon restoration experiments in the Transboundary reach of the Columbia River.